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Online Abstract submission (Oral/Poster) has been extended till 15th February 2019. Please click here to submit online.     For Registration Query, Please Contact : Mr. Hitanshu ( +91 9650319003 / ) +91 9022361841

Dr. Anuja Dokras (Clinician-USA)

Dr. Anuja Dokras is thepast President of the AE-PCOS society, an international society focused on supporting education and research related to all aspects of androgen excess disorders. She is Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Pennsylvania in the division of reproductive endocrinology and infertility. She is also the Medical Director of the Reproductive Surgical Facility and Director of the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Program at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a board certified specialist in obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive endocrinology. She is also the Director of the PENN PCOS center, a multi-disciplinary center providing care to adolescents and women at all ages with PCOS. Her research focuses on long term cardiovascular risks, fertility outcomes and mood disorders in PCOS and has been funded by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and National Institutes of Health. She She is Associate Editor of Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism.

Dr. Arvind Chandra (Clinician-Germany)

Director of Deutsche Klinik Bad Muender and Hannover Amedes AG, Germany Medical Director of Morpheus IVF Group, India

Hannover Area, Germany
Medical Practice

Current Medical Director at Deutsche Klinik Bad Muender, Amedes AG
Past Medical Doctor at Deutsche Klinik Bad Muender Hannover, Scientific Assistant and gynecologist at Universitäts Frauenklinik Hamburg Eppendorf
Education Universität Hamburg

Dr. Christos Coutifaris (Clinician-USA) Imm. Past President of ASRM

Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Alia Tutor Chair in Reproductive Endocrinology

University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine

Dr. Laurel Stadtmauer (Clinician-USA)

Dr. Stadtmauer is currently a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. She is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Dr. Stadtmauer is fully trained in minimally-invasive endoscopic and robotic surgery. Her particular clinical interests are in infertility, uterine fibroids and anomalies and polycystic ovary syndrome. She authored book chapters and has published more than 50 in peer review journals.

Dr. Dib Dutta (Clinician-UK)

Dr. Dib Dutta is a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist at the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, England.

In addition to his role as the College Tutor, he was an elected Member of the Council of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (RCOG) during 2012 to 2016, having served in its Board of Trustees for the same duration. He was the Council Representative on the RCOG Finance & Executive Committee and an appointed member of its Appointments and Remuneration Committee during 2012 to 2015.

He continues to be on the executive committee of the RCOG’s initiative in Tanzania and South Africa, ‘Towards Safe Choices’, a program delivering safe and effective contraception in Tanzania and South Africa. He has been a spokesperson for the RCOG for the media for quite some time.

Dib has been honored both nationally and internationally, with numerous prizes and citations, including the RCOG Historical Lectureship in 2011 and the Hind Rattan Award, India in 2010. He is a guest speaker at many national and international conferences.

Prof. Stuart Campbell (Clinician-USA)

• Professor Campbell is the former Academic Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at both Kings College Hospital and St George’s Hospital Medical School, London

• He is the first President of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ISUOG)

• He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Scientific Medical Journal ‘Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology’

• Professor Campbell is an Honorary Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

• He is a Doctor of Science of London University

Mrs. Alexia Chatziparasidou (Embryologist-Greece)

Mrs. Alexia Chatziparasidou is a clinical embryologist with long experience of more than 30,000 IVF cycles. Her scientific interests focus mainly on the application of modern fertility preservation techniques. In 2007, Mrs Chatziparasidou completed her M.Sc. on Clinical Embryology with honors at the University of Leeds, and was certified in 2008 by ESHRE.  In 2004, she founded Embryolab, a modern state of art assisted reproduction unit, and has been the director of it since then. Since 2013 she is a co- founder of the Embryolab Academy.

Prof. Nuno Costa Borges (Embryologist-Spain)

Nuno Costa-Borges is an embryologist that has been involved in both research and clinical practice for over 15 years. As a PhD fellow of the Portuguese national funding agency for science, Nuno spent several years developing strategies to improve the efficiency of animal cloning, having accomplished the first animals successfully cloned in Spain in 2009. After finishing his PhD at the University Autonomous of Barcelona, he joined the embryology team of IVI Barcelona, where he has worked as a clinical embryologist. Later on, he co-founded Embryotools, where he has been devoted on offering training and consulting services to the IVF community worldwide. Additionally, as scientific director of Embryotools, Nuno has also been committed to the development of new IVF techniques, such as, the flicking method for the biopsy of blastocysts or spindle transfer for mitochondrial replacement in oocytes and embryos. Nuno’s work has led to several peer-reviewed publications and he has been invited speaker in numerous international conferences and scientific meetings, as well as awarded with prestigious prizes and grants.

Dr. Steven D Fleming (Embryologist-Australia)

Dr. Steven D Fleming is Director of Embryology at ORIGIO a/s. After completing his PhD in 1987, he undertook postdoctoral research with Dr Chris O'Neill in the Human Reproduction Unit of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. From 1993-1997 he was appointed Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Nottingham in England, where he established the world's first Master's degree in Assisted Reproduction Technology with Dr Simon Fishel as well as a Summer School with Prof Lars Hamberger at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. From 1998-2008 he was the Scientific Director of Westmead Fertility Centre at Westmead Hospital in Sydney and was appointed Senior Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Sydney. From 2008-2013 he was a founding Director of Assisted Conception Australia at Greenslopes Private Hospital in Brisbane and a Senior Fellow at the University of Queensland. He is the recipient of research grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation, the Fertility Society of Australia and the University of Sydney. He is an author and editor of several books, book chapters and numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Prof. Ri-Cheng Chian (Embryologist-Canada)

Professor Ri-Cheng Chian is Director at Center for Reproductive Medicine, Shanghai 10th People’s Hospital of Tongji University, P. R. of China. Before joining the current position, Dr. Chian was an Associate Professor with Tenure at McGill University’s Division of Reproductive Biology in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology located in Montreal, Canada.

Dr. Chian is the key person in the development of in vitro maturation (IVM) of human oocytes for clinical application and for cryopreservation of human oocytes which resulted in pregnancies and live births at McGill University Health Center (MUHC) in Canada. He has patents and products licensed with several companies as well.

Dr. Chian published more than 200 research papers in journals and gave presentations at many international/regional conferences. Dr. Chian edited three books and contributed to various book chapters. As an invited guest speaker, Dr. Chian delivered lectures in many different societies and countries. Dr. Chian was a former Associate Editor for the journal, Human Reproduction, Journal of Assisted Reproduction & Genetics, and an Editorial Board Member for two other journals. Dr. Chian is acting as a reviewer for many other scientific journals including Fertility and Sterility, Human Reproduction, Biology of Reproduction, Reproductive BioMedicine Online, Endocrinology, The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, The Lancet and BMJ, etc.

Dr. Chian’s research interests are focused on 1) The mechanism of oocyte maturation and activation; 2) Simplification of infertility treatment; and 3) Fertility cryopreservation.

Dr. Chian speaks English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and has some knowledge of French.

Dr. Niels Briger Ramsing (Embryologist-Denmark)


Niels Birger Ramsing is Director for Strategic Product Development at Vitrolife A/S in Aarhus, Denmark. He was the Chief Scientific Officer of Unisense FertiliTech A/S prior to the Vitrolife acquisition and has a M.Sc. In Biostructural Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Microbial Ecology by the University of Aarhus, DK. He is the inventor of the EmbryoScope and project leader for the development of the EmbryoScope+.

Dr. Niels Birger Ramsing is currently the director for strategic product development in Vitrolife A/S. He joined Unisense FertiliTech A/S, Denmark, as the Chief Scientific Officer in 2004, which was subsequently acquired by Vitrolife AB in 2014. Prior to his work in the field of IVF he received his M.Sc. in Biostructural Chemistry as well as his Ph.D. in Microbial Ecology from the University of Aarhus, DK. Dr. Ramsing’s research expertise and interests span a diverse range of scientific disciplines: development of novel diagnostic tools and technologies, DNA chip technology using high affinity nucleotide analogues, development of microfluidic chip technology, quantitative molecular biology, microsensor technology. Relevant to the EmbryoScope Time-lapse system technology from Unisense FertiliTech, Dr. Ramsing has expertise in mathematical modelling and image analysis, as well as embryo selection knowledge pertaining to assisted reproduction applications. The breadth of his experience has been pivotal to the development of the EmbryoScope® Time-lapse imaging system.

During the early development of the EmbryoScope system, Dr. Ramsing worked closely with key opinion leaders in the ART field. Together with ART innovators like Dr. Lynette Scott at Fertility Centers of New England and Dr. Marcos Meseguer Escrivá from IVI, the system was elevated from a non-invasive and sensitive micosensor system that measures respiration rates of the developing embryo to a cutting-edge incubation platform with time-lapse imaging and assessment of morphokinetic milestones to aid in selection of the best embryos for transfer.

Dr. Ramsing has been a guest speaker at more than forty international conferences and laboratories across the globe. His publications exceed more than sixty articles accepted in international peer reviewed journals. Dr. Ramsing also has ten patent application families filed since 2002.

A short list of publications relevant to Assisted Reproduction Technologies:

Scott, L., Ramsing, N.B. 2007. Oocyte and embryo respiration rate measurements in a clinical setting – Potential to improve embryo selection? The Clinical Embryologist 10(2):5-9.

Scott, L., Berntsen, J., Davies D., Gudersen, J.K., Hill, J., Ramsing, N.B. 2008. Human oocyte respiration-rate measurement potential to improve oocyte and embryo selection. Reproductive BioMedicine Online, 17(4):461-469. Meseguer M, Herrero J, Tejera A, Hilligsøe KM, Ramsing NB, Remohí J. 2011 The use of morphokinetics as a predictor of embryo development. Hum Reprod. 26 (10):2658-71

Tejera A, Herrero J, de Los Santos MJ, Garrido N, Ramsing N, Meseguer M. 2011. Oxygen consumption is a quality marker for human oocyte competence conditioned by ovarian stimulation regimens. Fertil Steril. 96(3):618-623

Prof. Helene Russel (Scientist-USA)

Associate Director of Clinical Embryology & Andrology

Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, USA

2nd March 2019 (Saturday)


SESSION : I (9:00 AM to 10:00 AM)
Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : Ashwini Kale, Anjali Awasthi, Sakshi Parab Moc : Shubhangi Gangal, Aparna Bajpayee, Inderjeet Mahey
The Way Forward PCOS Pre - ART Therapy Fertility Enhancing New Techniques : Endoscopy Surgery Knowledge in a Capsule Lets Think Unique Fibroids and Fertility Embryology Conglomerate Back to Basics
Chairpersons :
Tarini Taneja, Priya Nararayan, Latha Chaturvedula, Madhuri Phani
Chairpersons :
Krishna Das, Ashwini Sadashivan, Roopa Shetty, Manjiri Valsangkar
Chairpersons :
S S Chawla, Rajani Pachori, Amogh Chimote, Shruti Parikh
Chairpersons :
R K Mehta, Ashwini G B, Vijaya Wakodkar, Jay Mehta
Chairpersons :
Chairpersons :
Sujata Agarwal, Rachna Dubey, Prerna Keshan, Preeti Deshpande
Chairpersons :
Rekha Gupta, Preeti Jindal, Chandana Lakkireddi, Vijay Shah
Chairpersons :
Jayashree Patil, Nirali Makwana, Theodore Jones
Chairpersons :
G Jayaprakash, Shamsher Ali, Phalguni Patro
Nuances Of Egg Freezing - Rutvij Dalal Understanding Origin of PCOS - Madhuri Patil Dealing with Fibroids - Rajendra Sankpal Ashermans Syndrome - Rohan Palshetkar Running A Successful IVF Unit: What Is Important to Know & What Is Important To Do! - Alexia Chatziparasidou Epigenetics - Biswajyoti Guha Intramural Myoma - To Remove or Not To Remove - S M Rahman ICMR Guidelines - What an Embryologist Should Know? - Girish Kumtheker Oocyte Morphology – Does It Affect Embryo Development? - Sunil Nair
Ovarian Stimulation in Poor Responders - Surveen Ghumman Ovarian Stimulation Strategies In PCOS - Kanthi Bansal Coping with Hydrosalpinx - Shyam Desai Office Hysteroscopy - Nagendra Sardeshpande Time Lapse Imaging - Niels Ramsing Role of Regenerative Medicine In Infertility - Kamini Patel Newer Techniques in Management of Fibroids - Sujata Dalvi IMSI - Does It Improve the Outcome -Parshuram Gopinath QA QC In IVF Lab - Ritesh Agarwal
TBA - Ri Cheng Chian Journey with PCOS – S. Shanthakumari Managing Endometrioma - Madhuri Patel Pre Art Hysteroscopy : Should It Be Done? - Jayakrishnan Relevance of GMCSF in culture media - Steven Fleming Newer Advances In Embryology - Kalyan Barmade Safe Hysteroscopic Myomectomy - Sanket Pisat Blastocyst Vitrification : How To Achieve 100 % Survival - Goral Gandhi Mineral Oil Toxicity - A Critical Component In IVF Culture System - Pankaj Kaingade
- - - Hysteroscopy In Mullerian Anomalies (Septoplasty)- Parul Kotadawalla - Hysteroscopy In Infertility - Looking Beyond Anatomical dis orders - Pragya Mishra Role Of Medical Management Of Fibroids In Infertility - Manjushree Boob Sperm Vitrification In Severe Oligospermia PESA, TESA, MTESE - Prabhakar Singh Embryologist Clinician Interaction To Optimize Art Results - Sharda Kulkarni
SESSION : II (10:00 AM to 11:00 AM)
Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : Ashwini Kale, Anjali Awasthi, Sakshi Parab Moc : Shubhangi Gangal, Aparna Bajpayee, Inderjeet Mahey
ISAR Past President Session Expert Corner Interventions and Outcomes Industry Symposia What’s New in Embryology? Adjuvants and Supportive Therapy Poor Responders Improvising Embryology Panel Discussion : Micro manipulation - Recent Advances and development
Chairpersons :
Prakash Patil, Stephen Keay, Pankaj Srivastava
Chairpersons :
Alan Decherney, Milind Shah, Rashida Begum
Chairpersons :
Hrishikesh Pai, Ritu Prabhakar, Rashmi Kumar
Chairpersons :
Ashish Kale, Jayam Kanan, Sudha Sharma
Chairpersons :
Virendra Shah, Asma Banu
Chairpersons :
Shilpa Gohil, Shweta Prasad, Ranjeeta Gupta, Deeksha Goswami
Chairpersons :
Shashikant Umbardand, Sadhana Gupta, Amithoj Athwal,Vipul Kapadia
Chairpersons :
Margaret, Parul Panchal, Shruti Chopra
Moderator :
Leena Patankar
Impact of Low AMH In Management of Young Infertile Women - Sadhana Desai Newer trends in PCOS - Anuja Dokras Role of Genetics In Infertility - Joe Leigh Simpson Progesterone - The Game Changer OR Spoilsport Ameet Patki Trouble Shooting IVF & ICSI - Keshav Malhotra Endometrial Scratch - Unnati Mamtora Biomarkers of Ovarian Reserve and Utility - Murlidhar Pai Handling IVF culture media for higher success - Rachel Chin (Ma) Panelists : Shrikant Yatnale, Bharat Joshi, Pratima Bhat, Ramesh Raja, Sargunadevi, Jignasha Chauhan
PGD - PGS - Firuza Parikh Transdermal Oestrogen Replacement Therapy - The Way Forward For FET, OD, and ED Treatment Cycles - Gautam Khastagir - Panel Discussion : 40 Mins

Changing Dynamics In Luteal Phase Support
MRT : Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy In ART - M S Srinivas PRP and BAP C - Pritimala Kadam Different Protocols in Poor Responders - Rajesh Koradia TBA -
Immunology of Endometriosis - Dhiraj Gada Role of Crispr In Reproductive Medicine - Debojyoti - Moderators : Bharti Dhorepatil, Mridubhashini Govindrajan Improving Implantation : Lab Aspects - Vijay Mangoli Intralipid - Meenu Handa Maximizing Outcomes in Poor Responders - Jeyarani Kamraj Quality Control In IVF - Kersi Avari -
- - - Panelists : Ameet Patki, Rajendra Boldhane, Charumati Pekhale, Sheetal Punjabi, Neena Malhotra, P M Gopinath Causes and How to deal With fertilization failure - Priya Kanan GCSF - Pooja Mehta Adjuvants In Poor Responders - A Suresh Kumar PGT Training And Accreditation-Chandan N -
SESSION : III (11:00 AM to 12:00 PM)
Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : Ashwini Kale, Anjali Awasthi, Sakshi Parab Moc : Shubhangi Gangal, Aparna Bajpayee, Inderjeet Mahey
ART Revisited Keynote Lectures Industry Symposia Industry Symposia Lab Quintessence Panel Discussion : Stimulation Protocols in ART The ART Contempo The Headways The ABCs of Lab
Chairpersons :
Clare Boothroyd, Rohana Hatutawa, Nimish Shelat
Chairpersons :
Basil Tarlatzis, Budi Wiweko, Nikhil Purandare
Chairpersons :
Hrishikesh Pai
Chairpersons :
Chairpersons :
Moderators :
Rajlaxmi Walavalkar, Rakhi Singh
Chairpersons :
Jyoti Malik, Shobhana Patted, Sabina Shreshtha, Yuvraj Jadeja
Chairpersons :
Himanshu Patel, Sanskruti Salgaonkar, Pooja Awasthi
Chairpersons :
Ajay Shrivastava, Ashok Khedkar, Murali Krishna
History Of IVF In India - Rina Agarwal : Assessing Response During Ovarian Stimulation - Stephen Key Does Endoscopy Surgery Benefit Infertility/ART - Prakash Trivedi Maximizing Outcomes At Every Step In Art Focus On Laboratory Technologies - Diego Ezcurra

Optimize Oocytes Yield And Removing Risks In Art To Maximize Live Births - Sandro Esteves
Understanding What Hcg Brings To Ovarian Stimulation : The Path To Higher Live Birth - Sergio Soares Selecting The Best Sperm For ICSI - Sudesh Kamat

Training Programs in ART - Helene Russel
Panelists :
Sonali Gupta, Laxmi Chirumamila, Vandana Jain, Chaitanya Ganphule, Jasmine Kaur Dahiya, Jeetendra Behera, Ritu Santwani, Anuradha Khar, Parminder Kaur, Jyoti Mishra
Strategic Approach to affordable IVF - Praful Nargund PGS / PGD Overview: Advantages & Limitations - Alka Goyal Setting Up TheART Lab - Randhir Singh
Assessing Response During Ovarian Stimulation - Stephen Key Endoscopy : ART :
Stem Cells-The Fusion - Sunita Tandulwadkar
Panel Discussion :
Patient Oriented Strategies for Managing Low Prognosis Patient
Panel Discussion :
Oocytes & Embryo : Expert Perspectives On Quality Or Quantity?
Training Programs in ART - Helene Russel - Embryo Pooling - Muhammad Ashraf NGS - Ritu Hari DNA Fragmentation - Sayali Kandari
Preventing And Managing Complications Of Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation - Abha Majumdar Embryo Transfer - Nandita Palshetkar Moderators :
Sonia Malik
Moderators :
Nayana Patel
- - Refractory endometrium & hysteroscopy - Chaitanya Shembekar CGH Microarray - Deepak Modi Poor Quality Embryos - Dharmesh Kapadia
- - Panelists : Jatin Shah, Rama Raju, Hrishikesh Pai, Manish Banker, Sandro Esteves, Diego Ezcurra, Ashama Rana Panelists :Shalu Gupta, Nitin Narvekar, George Korula, Sergio Soares, Sanjay Makwana, Asha Baxi, Sunita Arora, Rohit Gutgutiya Clarification of the mechanism of cryoprotectant to develop the embryo vitrification - Chiemi Toyama - Freeze All Strategy - Kaustubh Kulkarni FISH - Manjeet Mehta Do Metabolic Approaches Ameliorates Conventional Embryo Selection? - Satish Adiga
SESSION : IV (12:00 PM to 1:00 PM)


Making Parents -Bringing Miracles to Life – Dr. Rishma Pai

Chairpersons : S. Krisnakumar, Hrishikesh D Pai, Christos Coutifaris, Sudesh Kamat, Sunita Tandulwadkar
SESSION : V (2:00 PM to 3:00 PM)
Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : Seema Nair, Pratima Bhatt, Arwa Karodia Moc : Goral Gandhi, Hima Shah, Ekta Thakkar
ASRM Approaches To ART : Should they Be Recommended To All? 2:00PM To 3:30PM News And Views Learning from the Experts USG - An Indespensible Tool COS in Unique Situations Panel Discussion :
Troubleshooting in Embryo Transfer
Controversies to Consensus In ART Laboratory Impetus 2 - 2:20 PM Debate Embryo Transfer : Day 3 Cleavage & Day 5

Day 3 : Keshav Malhotra

Day 5 : Nishad Chimote
Chairpersons :
Rishma Pai, Anuja Dokras, Geeta Nargund, Narendra Malhotra
Chairpersons :
Nandita Palshetker, Chandravati, Gautam Khastagir
Chairpersons :
Madhoo Loomba, K K Gopinath, Maruf Siddhiqui
Chairpersons :
Maninder Ahuja, Kalidas Parshuramkar, Sangeetha M J, Meenu Vaish
Chairpersons :
Kundavi Shankar, Abhishek Singh, Parihar Anupama P, Harshita Pavan
Moderator :
Sarita Sukhija, Jayam Kanan
Chairpersons :
Bahar Ahmad Omari, Sunita Chandra, Ramya Ramlingam, Sanjay Shah
Chairpersons :
Shehbaz Daruwala, Rishina Bansal, Kartika Kumar
2:20PM - 3:00PM Panel Discussion :
PGT - A For All - Richard Paulson Role of Placental Lipid Metabolism In Foetal Growth Following ART - Dib Dutta Newer Trends in Publications – Alan Decherney Colour Doppler in Infertility - P K Shah Ovarian Stimulation In Oncofertility : Vidya Bhat Panelists :
Aradhana Gupta, Mujibur Rehman, Monica Doshi, Surbhi Bajaj, Sanjeev Khurd, Parzan Mistry, Rajkumar Shah, Monica Singh, Roya Rozetti, Anshu Jindal
Fresh Vs Frozen Transfer – Sheila Balkrishnan Ideal Setup And Maintenance of Art Lab How To Excel - Parag Nandi Moderator :
Ranjit Joshi
Endometrial Evaluation for All - Christos Coutifaris What’s New In Menopause - Edward Morris Recurrent Miscarriage B N Chakraborty 3D 4D Ultrasound In Infertility - Narendra Malhotra Ovarian Stimulation in Endometriosis : Kedar Padte - Adnexal Cysts : Management In Infertility - Rajat Ray Recent Advances In RIF - Laboratory Perspective - Gaurav Majumdar Panelists :
Aarya Salaskar, Kamlakanan S Krishna Kalita, Nandeshwar Patil, Murugan S S, Saranya Ravindran,
Blastocyst Transfer For All - Catherine Racowsky Freeze for all ? - Basil Tartlazis Endometrium and ART - Vladislav Korsak The Role of Advanced Ultrasound Technology In Improving Outcomes In IVF Cycles - Stuart Campbell Mild Ovarian Stimulation - Korula George - Laparoscopic Pelvic Anatomy - Sam Abraham Tips For Good Survival In Vitrification - Sapna Srinivas -
IVF For All - Richard Reindollar - - - Batch IVF: Drawback & Benefits-Sarat Battina - Laparoscopic Creation of Neovagina In MRKH - Usha Kumar Effective Techniques of Training Embryologist - Nitiz Murdia -
SESSION : VI (3:00 PM to 4:00 PM)
Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : Seema Nair, Pratima Bhatt, Arwa Karodia Moc : Goral Gandhi, Hima Shah, Ekta Thakkar
The Legal Cell : 3:30PM To 4:30PM Potpourri Learning Tabloids ASPIRE SESSION Poor Responder - Stimulate Or No To Stimulate The knowledge Fusion Panel :
Multiple Pregnancy :
From Fetal Reduction To Managing Complications
The Pharmakon Panel :
Trouble Shooting In Art Lab
Chairpersons :
Kamini Rao Mandakini Megh, Kanchan Kumta
Chairpersons :
Dhariwal Lakhbir, Meera Agrawal, Sandeep Rathore, Neil Johnson
Chairpersons :
Rajendra Saraogi, S. Dash, Namrata Ohri, Umadevi Periyaswamy
Chairpersons :
Jaideep Malhotra
Chairpersons :
Mansi Jain, Supriya Jaiswal, Rimmy Singla, Sunita Jha
Moderator :
Sarita Bhalerao, Ameya Purandare
Chairpersons :
Molina Patel, Prasad Mahadevan, Roshu Shetty, Rani Jacob
Moderator :
Sudesh Kamat
Chairpersons :
Akhand Prakash, Brijbala Tiwari, Rakesh Sahare
Art Bill - R. S. Sharma (30 Minutes) Maximizing Success In The Poor Responder Patient - Laurel Stadtmauer Role of Intralipids As An Immunomodulator In RIF - Neeta Singh Optimizing Endocrine Status Prior To Fertility Care - Clare Boothroyd Adjuvants In IVF - Nikhil Purandare Panelists :
Achala Batra Basab Mukherjee, G K Tripathi Kawita Bapat, Manju Gita Mishra, Pooja Lodha, Rekha Daver, Roza Olyai, Sadhana Gupta, Tarini Taneja
Atosiban In ART - Shamim Khandkar Panelists :
Saroj Agarwal, Usha Satish, K Sangeeth, Durai Palaniyandi, Seema Nair, Rajeev Sharma, Alexia Chatziparasidou
Stem Cells For Fertility Preservation - Deepa Bhartiya
Art Doctor Safe, Patient Safe - Sanjay Gupte Letrozole In Prevention Of OHSS - Kedar Ganla Evaluating Simulator Training In ART - Keith Ray Oocyte Quality In Poor Responders - Rashida Begum Immunology In Infertility - Sapna Bajaj - DHEAS - Rana Khan Chaudhary - WHO 2010 Semen Analysis - R B Agarwal
LGBTQ – Sexual Evolution And Reproduction - Sunil Jindal Difficult Oocyte Retrieval - S. Krishnakumar Fibroids In ART - Iswaran Squeeze The Ovary Managing Stimulation In Poor Responders - Budi Wiweko Bhola Rizal - TBA - Mifepristone In Fibroid - Madhuri Mehendale - Does ART Predispose To Genetic Disorders - Manisha Vajpayee
- - Ovarian Rejuvenation with PRP : An Innovative Approach - Lila Vyas - Isthomocoele - An Underdiagnosed Cause Of Infertility - V P Singh - Letrozole - Mansi Medhekar - ART Bank - Need of Time - Charudutt Joshi
SESSION : VII (4:00 PM to 5:00 PM)
Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : TBA Moc : Seema Nair, Pratima Bhatt, Arwa Karodia Moc : Goral Gandhi, Hima Shah, Ekta Thakkar
Intra Uterine Insemination Panel Discussion :
Fertility Enhancing Endoscopy
Endoscopy in ART - An Indispensable Link Panel Discussion :
Ovulation Induction In Different Case Scenarios
Panel Discussion :
Medicolegal Tangles
Panel Discussion :
Male Infertility
OHSS In Spotlight Panel Discussion :
Selecting The Best Embryo: Tips And Tricks
The Different Strokes
Chairpersons :
Mukesh Agarwal, Darshana Pawar, Nalini Menon
Moderators :
Ashish Kale, Rekha Kurian
Chairpersons :
Ganesh Shinde, Rashi Mishra, Ajay Mane, Biswanath Ghosh Dastidar
Moderators :
Padmarekha Jirge, Kaberi Banerjee
Moderatos :
Bipin Pandit, Geetendra Sharma
- Chairpersons :
Alka Agarwal, Shashibala Bly, Surendra Kane, Ashish Viradiya
Moderators :
Priya Selvaraj, Brig Dr Sharma
Chairpersons :
Ved Prakash, Kishore Kawade, Saravanan Laxamanan
Role FSH And LH Ovulation Stimulation - Purnima Nadkarni Panelists :
Ganpat Sawant, Arun Baruah, Pankaj Shrivastav, Laxmi Shrikhande, Seema Wadhwa, Luk Rombauts, Adi Dastur, Prakash Patil, Sunil Chowdhary, Kevin Quadros, Mohammad Hashim Wahaaj
Managing Heterotopic Pregnancy - Kiran Coelho Panelists :
Arti Luthra Archana Baser, Dhanashri natu, Pawan Dhir, Pooja Nadkarni, Ritu Khanna, Renu Makwana, Sathy Pillai, Surekha Kadam, Sanjeev Khot
Panelists :Amit Karkhanis, Asha Advani, Hitesh Bhat, Manish Machve, Mandakini Megh, M C Patel, Rajnikant Contractor, Radhika Thapar How Not To Treat Male Infertility - Rupin Shah Imaging in Prediction & Management of OHSS - Aarti Tolani Panelists :
Mugdha Pathak, ,Aditi Kotadawala, Pankaj, Kaingade, Anu Mathews, Azif Khan
Freeze All Policy Manisha Mehta
Clinical Aspects :
Himanshu Bavishi
- Laproscopy In Art - Malvika Sabharwal - - Panel Discussion :
No Male Is Infertile

Moderators :
Rajeev Agarwal,Mamta Dighe
Prediction And Risk Factors - Varsha Baste - Yoga for Embryologist Health - Rajvee Mehta
Improving Success Rates In IUI :
Sadhana Patwardhan
- Laparoscopic Management of adnexal masses - Tushar Kar - - Panelists :
Satish Tibrewal, Varsha, Kane Ajit, Vaze, Vijay Kulkarni, Neeru Thakral, Aravind Chander, Gayatri Thaker, Rupin Shah, S S Vasan, Mehul Damani
Managing The Dreadful Syndrome : Nikita Lad - New Paradigm In Air Purification Technologies For IVF Lab - Una Raghallaigh
- - Hysreroscopy in ART- Hitendra Somani - - - OHSS Free Clinic - Ashwini Kale - Microfluidics : The Future Of Fertility Is Simplicity - Dilip Patil
SESSION : VIII (5:00 PM to 6:00 PM)
- New ISAR Executive Committee Meeting - - - - - - -
Banquet: 7:00 PM Onward (Banquet)